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Our Company

Pinksheep formed in 2005 with the aim of sharing our knowledge with people and companies looking to achieve more from their online advertising.

We're an approachable group of PPC experts too - friendly, prepared and adaptable enough to meet our client's individual, and often unique, requirements.

The successful management of over 500 PPC Accounts ranging across the UK, the U.S, France and Spain, has cemented Pinksheep's place as a market leader.

Our Customers

Customer service is a major cog in the Pinksheep wheel, in fact we feel it's as important as the work we do for you.

We take great pride in providing and maintaining a high level of customer service and are always open to feedback, in an attempt to constantly improve our services.

We seek to be pro-active where possible and like to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest ways of optimising your PPC Campaigns.

We work closely with you to ensure we obtain enough knowledge of your business and advertising needs. This helps us to improve your campaign performance; reducing CPC's, increasing CTR's and improving conversion rates while building strong, long-term relationships.

Our Ethos

Unlike many PPC companies, Pinksheep won't keep you in the dark when it comes to things like account access, adjusting budgets, creating advert copy etc. We'll simply have dual access to your account, so you retain complete control over your money. Plus, you'll be able to view all of our work and the usual vital stats, whenever you need to.

In addition to learning about your business we also like to educate clients on PPC advertising – such as why we suggest certain ideas and how we implement our work.

Your dedicated account manager will be happy to guide you through any work we complete for you.

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Targeted campaigns + expert management = highly profitable online traffic.

What Do Our Customers Say?

  • "The on-going support from our Account Manager has been better than I could have expected and would happily recommend Pinksheep to anyone."

    Express Coffee

  • "Since we transferred our online marketing over to Pinksheep we have seen a major improvement. The most pleasing aspect has been that our costs have been reduced but the number of relevant enquiries has increased"

    Mr Clutch

  • "They allow you to be as involved as you wish whilst always instilling the confidence to leave everything in their more than capable hands."

    Hotel Migjorn


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